Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My love for horror...

I just figured I would share with everyone just how I got into horror. I love horror movies. I feel like a well done horror movie can be the most powerful type of movie out there. Look at what happened when The Exorcist came out: protests, people proclaiming the actual film of the movie was cursed, saying the Devil was actually captured on film, etc. Films have been banned in countries because they are too violent or scary. In the old days of black and white horror, people would pass out in theaters from the content (of course, back then, seeing a woman's calf exposed could cause people to faint).

I've loved horror ever since I started watching it. The feeling of being scared is excellent. No matter how much sleep I lost over movies, I would keep going back. I grew up in a 100+ year old house that creaked and groaned in the middle of nowhere. Our backyard was a wooded swamp. The cow pasture that my bedroom overlooked would get a nice layer of fog in the summer hanging over it. It was like living in a horror movie. I simultaneously loved and hated it.

But there was one moment in particular I can remember that got me to love the movies. It was when I first watched Pet Sematary. My parents were big on not censoring anything we watched, telling me if I got scared, it was my problem. They didn't care about language because they knew I wouldn't repeat it (because I had some common sense). Well there is one scene in the movie that scared the crap out of me:

I remember seeing that and for the next year and a half of my life, I jumped into and out of bed. I would look under my bed to be sure there wasn't anything down there and still jump into it. I slept with my head under the covers and shuddered at every sound, thinking it was Gage coming to cut me with his scalpel. I was so affected by that I actually couldn't watch the movie for several years after (now I thoroughly enjoy the movie). I remember thinking just how amazing it was that something so simple could affect someone so much. I love the feeling of going to bed uneasy after watching a good horror film. I love still expecting to see someone standing in my closet with a knife. I love planning my survival for the zombie holocaust (trust me, it's good). I love that people still cover their eyes when something scares them and even in our supposedly "desensitized" society, things can still scare people.

And that's why I love horror.

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