Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Horror Reading

A bit ago, I did a post about the Marvel Zombies comics that I have read and enjoyed so very much. Well, these aren't the only comics that I would highly recommend. It seems that Robert Kirkman, the man behind the Marvel Zombies idea, was tapped initially to write that series because he does his own independent series of zombie comics. These comics, ladies and gentlemen, are known as The Walking Dead.

I don't know if anyone reads comics anymore (I'm 25 and I still do, but I'm also an IT Consultant, so nerdly things run in my veins), but if you do, read this comic. Hell, even if you don't read comics, give it a chance. Especially if you were a fan of World War Z or anything zombie related. It's a thrilling series of comics that really grab your attention. It's all in black and white (aside from the cover art) and that makes it seem all the more bleak. The plot is quite arresting and once you start getting into them, it's hard to stop reading them.

As Kirkman said, he loves zombie movies except for one thing: the endings. They always leave it too open ended he says, making him wonder what happens months or even years after the infection begins. Well, The Walking Dead deals with that and how people try to rebuild society. The best part of the comic is just how real the people seem to be. They are flawed characters that get at each others' throats. They make bad mistakes. They get debilitating injuries. And you feel like they are people you could get to know and want to root for. Then, without warning or mercy, Kirkman will kill them off. It's terrible and wonderful at the same time, allowing you to like a character and then killing them off (or in some cases making you think they died but bringing them back). The series starts going a bit "Mad Max" at times with the roving gangs of looters, but still stays pretty grounded in reality. Well, pretty grounded in a reality with zombies anyway.

You should really pick these comics up if at all possible. The first four years have been compiled into hardcover versions and there are trade paperback versions available as well. Most comic book stores have them, along with having most every version available. It really truly is a great telling of zombie horror and it is still in publication (meaning they are still continuing the story). I can't stress enough how awesome these books are and how you all need to read them!

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